Kuluntu’s Granola



Our favorite homemade granola! Our granola is packed with nutritious ingredients and is the perfect way to kick off your morning. In order to reduce waste and promote sustainability, we are offering two packaging options: 

  1. Granola in a glass jar: $11
    • Granola is packaged in a 32 oz glass mason jar. You can reuse this for household uses or to refill with granola.
  2. Refill price: $8.5
    • Return the original jar or bring you own clean container that is at least 32 oz in size. We will refill your jar when you arrive for pickup.

Our granola includes the following ingredients: organic oats, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, coconut, organic olive oil, local honey, cinnamon and salt. 

Contains the following food allergens: nuts

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